Ex Matrice Corpora is the performance born during the solo residency that Elena Tilli received at Lake Studio Berlin (September 2019) sponsored by Troikatronix, Isadora.

During this time, she collaborated with the performer Kate Slezak to study new forms of representing the connection between the body and the Outside. The piece focuses on the journey of the body into the world beginning with the conceiving. How the body is slowly introduced to what will always be a presence perceived at different levels of consciousness throughout the overall experience of life.

The relationship between the inside and the outside investigated from the deepest level of intimacy up to the formal relationship that funds the 'solid' basis of the world's structure: the moral, the language, the image. Ex Matrice Corpora wants to take the audience into the dualism of the relationship between the inside and the outside of ourselves, of us, of the community, of the society, of the world.

To do so the two characters the audience can see on stage play two very different roles within the piece. They will interact and experience one another while using their peculiarity: the body vs the technology. Technology will be part of the piece as an extension of the body, used by one of the characters, to increase the magnitude of its action and surround the body that will be immersed into 'the outside' and will have to swim to not drawn. 

Like at the origin, birth represents the very first step of the struggle to survive. 

The beginning of the body's journey.

One of the questions I always kept well in mind while working on the performance was - Why do we need technology? Why do I need to make use of this or that device? Is it useful to convey the message? the feeling? to create the environment, the action, and unfold the narrative? This time I really wanted to focus on making technology a character inside a performance, to personify it. Technology present as a body within the performance. Allowing me to clearly define the positions of the characters with respect to space as the whole of the world we are in, technology represents a door in a 4th dimension that allows the characters to connect and begin a relationship, very similar the way it happens now. At the same time, it is well clear how technology does not subsist without human action. It can't substitute the body and its experience. But it can serve it in a very 'unique' way. While researching, I observed how many of the machines the humans invented are clones of part of the body. A camera can be easily seen as the reproduction of the eye. A speaker as a big opened mouth, with its shape of a circle. But taking it further, to articulated and more complex machines, like an engine, for example, you can see how the concept and the way it functions, it is so similar to the way a human body works. It needs air and fuel to generate energy from a chemical reaction, to be able to create motion. The way we use technology to affect our bodies, to create interactions and new forms of connectivity, start from what we know and experience mostly at an unconscious level, which is the way our body functions. It is nothing outside ourselves.